2018 Row Robin

//2018 Row Robin

2018 Row Robin

Photo Credit:
Seasons quilt photo featured at the top of this page submitted by Bess Scheid. While the quilt is owned is by another quilter, Bess made the Christmas row, Jeanne Kehl made the daffodils row and Johanna Roll made one of the rows in this Row Robin.

President’s Note: One of the guild’s fun projects is back for 2018: the Round Robin! Thank you, Jean Berk and Bess Scheid, for putting this together. This time we’ll be doing a Row Robin. Details are below.

To participate, start now to plan your project. Choose a theme or make a fabric selection. Sew your first row according to the instructions. Assemble your box with the necessary labels and the completed form, and bring it to the January meeting…..

If you have questions, please contact Jean or Bess.

Happy sewing! — Susan Stiles

Download PDF
Information sheet (to be completed and included in your row robin box).

Photo Credit:
This Row Robin quilt photo is submitted and owned by Johanna Roll. The rows in this Row Robin were made by members of Quilting On the Line Guild.

Instructions for the 2018 Row Robin Project:

Note added 2-7-18 – Schedule below will be slightly modified due to January meeting being canceled for inclement weather –
We will exchange our Row Robin boxes in February. Because of the delay, we will shorten the first round to one month to put us on the schedule or we can delay the November reveal until January. We will decide as a group! I am looking forward to seeing many members, participating in the Row Robin.
Submitted by Jean Berk

This year we thought it would be fun to do a Row Robin as an exchange. Many quilt shops have given out patterns in the past and there is a large quantity of ideas on Pinterest. Each participant will create their own first row! This will be quilters choice! You can choose a THEME (holiday, seasonal, special interest etc.) or just let your fabric be the needed inspiration. Anything goes!

The rows can be as long as 60 inches. You decide the length.

Filler blocks can be used to complete the length. The size of the rows will be determined by the length of the first row.

You can indicate your preferred row height, 10 inches , 12 inches, 14 inches or 16 inches, or something smaller. These heights will make it easier to put the quilt together at the end!

We will only exchange horizontal rows! The owner can choose to add vertical rows later.


We will begin this exchange in JANUARY, so start planning your quilt row now.

We will continue to exchange boxes in MARCH, MAY, JULY, SEPTEMBER, and NOVEMBER will be the reveal. This is a blind Robin! Keep your work a secret from the quilt owner!

Each participant will need to secure a plastic box with a lid and label your box. I was in an exchange once and there was a flood, the box was cardboard. You can imagine the problem that occurred… A plastic box will keep your quilt safe. Look for a box with a handle on top of lid. (WalMart, Jo Ann, Michael’s etc., should have one.) This box should contain 2-3 yards of the background fabric you want to use, and a variety of fabrics to be incorporated in your quilt. You will decide if you want to allow only your fabric, or allow the participants to add their fabrics.

Each exchange will incorporate a technique or a specific pattern.

The owner of the quilt makes a row and brings it to the first meeting. Their row can be any block or style of their choice. Boxes are exchanged and you take home someone else’s box as follows:

  • For the box you take home in FEBRUARY (which was originally January, but meeting cancelled) you will make a row of:  Quilter’s choice (anything you want)
  • For the box you take home in MARCH, you will make a row that includes:   Star
  • For the box you take home in MAY, you will make a row that includes:  3-D piecing
  • For the box you take home in JULY, you will make a row that includes:  Triangles
  • For the box you take home in SEPTEMBER, you will make a row that includes: Appliqué
  • Bring the box you work on to the meeting in NOVEMBER when:  Rows will be revealed

Example: In March you will utilize a star in the row! It can be one star or a series of stars, or a row of star blocks! Let your imagination be your guide!

Measure , Measure, Measure and use a good ¼” seam and use your best sewing skills. Work on another person’s quilt, as you want her to work on your quilt!

If you find yourself at a loss for ideas, search on Pinterest for Row Quilt Ideas, or call a quilting friend for some inspiration! You can always give Jean or Bess a call if needed. This should be a fun activity! Let your creativity sparkle! Enjoy! And most of all have fun!

Jean Berk
Bess Scheid

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