Quilt Retreat at Penn National

//Quilt Retreat at Penn National

Quilt Retreat at Penn National

Join Us At Our 2019 Retreat

Location: Penn National Golf Club & Inn.  Visit site: Penn National Quilt Retreats (but disregard the pricing – we have a different package than what is listed there).
Date:  January 10 -13, 2019
For information or to sign up, please email Susan Slattery at .

2018 Quilt Retreat

January 15, 2018 – Ten of us just returned from our 2nd annual Penn National Quilt Retreat. I think I can speak for each of of us when I say a fantastic time was had by all!

2018 Quilt Retreat Photos:

2017 Quilt Retreat

January 17, 2017 – Eleven of us just returned from our quilt retreat weekend at Penn National Golf Club & Inn in Fayetteville, PA and wow, did we have a blast!  So much so that we are booking a quilt retreat for next year and we are already excited about returning.

For three straight days, all we did was sew, laugh and eat.  And boy did we eat. The food, catered by The Altland House was amazing and we all felt so fancy getting to eat our served meals in the lovely Founders Grille Restaurant dining room.

A few quilters managed to break away from sewing to enjoy some relaxing and enjoyable walks through the paths around the golf course (and to work off some of that food). The scenery and view of the mountains added to the experience. One of the highlights of our trip was Susan St.’s highly entertaining and immensely funny recitation of  Alice In Wonderland’s Jabberwocky poem and The Walrus and the Carpenter as our after dinner entertainment.  She had us in stitches!  (pun intended)  This was a first retreat for many of us.  Who knew quilt retreats could be so much fun?

Check out our projects and some snapshots from throughout our weekend. Click through our image carousels below.

2017 Quilt Retreat Photos:
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  1. Susan January 24, 2017 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Bess Jensen January 15, 2018 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    It was very inspiring and lots of fun.

  3. rose hilgartner January 15, 2018 at 10:09 pm - Reply

    It was great fun. The food was exceptional. The best way to get to know each other was this wonderful retreat where we worked on out projects or just chatted away the day. It was fun.

    • Susan Slattery
      Susan Slattery January 16, 2018 at 9:56 am - Reply

      So glad you had a good time, Rose. Looking forward to next year.

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