QOL 2019 Quilt Challenge


Mary Kerr and Shannon Shirley gave us lots of examples and inspiration for using “vintage” items in our quilting.  This challenge is the opportunity to take that inspiration and just do it!


Incorporate a vintage item/items into a quilted piece in such a way that:

  • The vintage piece is showcased, a focal point, obvious, easy to pick out.
  • The finished piece has a different purpose than the original purpose of the vintage piece.

What is VINTAGE?  Vintage is a design term referring to an object/objects that are representative of or from an earlier period of time.  We are used to seeing vintage linens, lace, and embroidery pieces, but vintage can also be clothing, orphan blocks, neckties, or collars.  Feel free to add extra vintage embellishments such as trims or buttons.

Some ideas:

  • Old shirts → an oversized single block wall hanging
  • Dresser scarf → art quilt
  • Old orphan blocks → large tote bag
  • Neckties → table runner
  • Embroidered napkins → lap quilt in a design using batiks

Timeline: Challenge pieces will be presented and voted on at the October QOL meeting.  There will be several prizes.  Please plan to enter your Challenge piece in the Quilt Show in November.

Use your imagination and have fun!  We have such creativity in our guild, and I invite everyone to give the Challenge a try.  I’m looking forward to seeing what we create!

— Beth Nidan