The QOL Challenge for 2020 is led by Beth Nidam.  Please see Beth for questions or additional information.

Half n Half

The challenge for 2020 is to combine two (2) traditional quilt blocks, create a new one, and give it a new name using pieces of the traditional names.

For example, you could combine a Monkey Wrench block with a Broken Dishes block and come up with something called Broken Monkey or Broken Wrench or something else using one or more of the words Broken, Monkey, Wrench, or Dishes.

If you use an obscure name for a block that is commonly known by another name, please bring the reference with you for the unveiling at the October guild meeting.

The finished piece should be 50% one block and 50% another block.  However, you want to arrange your pieces is fine, as long as the whole piece is half-n-half.  For example, you could do 50/50 right side, left side.  Or you could go diagonally.  Or you could cut the blocks into pieces and arrange the pieces in a checkboard.  As long as it’s 50% and 50%, it’s good.

The finished combined block or blocks should be no smaller than 12” x 12” plus binding and no larger than 24” x 24” plus binding. The finished piece should be quilted and bound. For example, for a 24’ x 24’ piece, you could make one very large combination block, OR 4-12” combination blocks and put them together.  Or you could make 4-6” blocks for a 12” x 12” piece.  It’s all good, as long as your finished piece is 50% one block and 50% another block, meets the size requirements, and has a new block name that goes with the combination.

Index cards for the name of your new block and any references will be provided at the October guild meeting.

There will be three (3) judging categories:

  • Overall Favorite
  • Most Creative Combination
  • Most Creative Name

EXCLUSION: Square-in-a-Square, 4-patch and Snowball blocks are excluded from use.