The next time you have some small quilt scraps left over, don’t throw them away. Make a quilted heart and spread some cheer.

An organization called “I Found a Quilted Heart” encourages quilters and crafters to make small quilted hearts (about the size of an adult’s palm) and attach a tag to it that says:

I Found A Quilted Heart

Then, leave them in random places that people will find them like walking trails, shopping carts, foyer of a public place, tourist attractions, bushes and fences near heavily trafficked areas, etc.

Many people who find them go to the website and log a picture of themselves holding their heart and story about finding the heart, or post and tag it on their social media with the hashtag. It’s heartwarming to see the excitement from people who find them.

Go to the website to learn more about it  You will see pictures of all the happy, smiling faces of people delighted they found a heart!  Make someone happy, make a quilted heart.