Join Us Next Year for Our 4th Annual Quilt Retreat Thur Jan 16-Sun Jan 19, 2020

2019 Quilt Retreat

Note: The information below is based on our 2019 retreat.  Most of the information will still be applicable for 2020. However, some details, such as rates, meal itinerary, etc. are subject to change pending our 2020 retreat plans.  This page will be updated as 2020 retreat plans are finalized.


Penn National Golf Club & Inn
3720 Club House Drive
Fayetteville, PA 17222
Visit Penn National’s site at Penn National Quilt Retreats (but disregard the pricing – we have a different package than what is listed there).


Thursday January 16 -Sunday January 19, 2020

Contact for more information or registration:

For information or to sign up, please email Susan Slattery at or call 410-692-2716.
Registration deadline is Dec. 17, 2019.

Maps and Directions PDF:

Download Directions and Maps in PDF format.  Includes:

  • Map and Directions from The Sew N’ Place Quilt Shop to Penn National Golf Club & Inn
  • Map of the grounds at Penn National Golf Club & Inn highlighting quilt retreat “Places of Interest”


  • Double Occupancy (Price per person, if sharing a room)
    • $314.00 plus tax
    • Works out to $337.52* TOTAL after tax
  • Single Occupancy (Price per person, if rooming alone)
    • $386.00 plus tax
    • Works out to $417.44* TOTAL after tax

 * Pricing includes tax and 15% gratuity on meals.  Price does NOT include housekeeping gratuity. Pricing subject to change (this is based on 2019 pricing).


No deposit is due in advance. Check in at the Penn National Golf Club & Inn office upon arrival, at which time you pay for your stay in full.  Penn National accepts payment by credit card or cash.


  • 4 days/3 nights lodging
  • Delicious meals catered by Altland House Restaurant¬†
  • 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 3 dinners as follows:
    • Thur night dinner served in Founders Grille Restaurant at the Club House
    • Fri lunch served in the sewing room conference room
    • Fri night dinner served in Founders Grille Restaurant at the Club House
    • Sat lunch served in the sewing room conference room
    • Sat dinner served in Founders Grille Restaurant at the Club House
    • Sun breakfast served in Founders Grille Restaurant at the Club House

Meals on your own:

  • Thur lunch, Fri breakfast, Sat breakfast, Sun lunch


  • Thursday
    • Optional: Stop at the local quilt shop if you like.¬† It’s just 12 minutes from Penn National. It’s been our tradition to meet here and shop together before arriving at Penn National.¬† Many of us arrive at the quilt shop around 11:00’ish.
      • The Sew N Place 6195 Chambersburg Rd. Fayetteville, PA 17222¬†
    • Lunch on your own. Bring a bag lunch or stop off somewhere on your way.
    • Arrival at Penn National at your leisure. Most of us generally get there around noon.¬† Report to the Penn National office to check in and pay.
      • Download PDF with directions & map that includes:
        • Easiest way to get from The Sew N Place Quilt Shop to Penn National
        • A map of where to find the Penn National office once you arrive
    • Sew All Afternoon!
    • Dinner served at the Club House
  • Friday
    • Breakfast on your own, lunch catered in the sewing conference room, dinner catered in the Club House
    • Sew All Day!
  • Saturday
    • Breakfast on your own, lunch catered in the sewing conference room, dinner catered in the Club House
    • Sew All Day!
  • Sunday
    • Breakfast catered in the Club House, lunch on your own
    • Depart anytime you like.¬† Most leave sometime between noon and 3:00.

Food/drink items you may want to bring:

  • Breakfast Fri and Sat is on your own, so you might want to bring something simple like oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, fruit, toast, Eggos, bagels, pop tarts, etc.
  • K-cups, tea bags or ground coffee if you want to make a pot.
    • Note: If you plan to brew coffee in the coffee maker, please bring your own 10-12 cup coffee filters. (You do not need to bring water, it’s provided.)
  • Coffee mug if you will be drinking coffee or hot tea
  • Snacks for yourself or to share
  • Drinks for yourself or to share
  • Wine, if you like.¬† Some of the ladies like to bring it along to enjoy with dinner (or while sewing).
    • If drinking wine, bring your own wine glass.

What amenities are there?

  • The sewing conference room has a small refrigerator, a microwave, Keurig machine, and coffee maker (bring your own ground coffee and 10-12 cup filters or k-cups)
  • Filtered, bottled water is provided in the conference room for drinking water, hot tea or coffee making
  • The lodging rooms have a small refrigerator
  • Ice
  • Free WiFi
  • A design board is provided to share. (It is a 4×8 flannel-covered foam board.)

What to bring BESIDES items you need to sew:

  • Hairdryer if you need one (there are no hair dryers in the lodging rooms)
  • Anything you need besides a microwave to prepare your snacks or breakfast (toaster, toaster oven, etc.)
  • Clothing layers. Be prepared in case you get warm or cool.
  • Cell phone charger (easy to forget!)

Sewing items you should take:

  • Some quilters bring their own chairs or a cushion. The chairs provided are unpadded banquet room chairs.
  • Some quilters bring their own sewing table to be more comfortable, however most use the one provided. Each quilter gets an entire 8′ rectangular banquet table to utilize.
  • Sewing machine
  • Extension cord or power strip
  • Bring an ironing board and iron if you can. Not everyone can fit an ironing board in their car, so we tend to set up “ironing stations” and share.
  • Everything you need for your project(s). It’s sew-on-your-own.¬† There are no group projects offered.

How much walking is involved?

The lodging rooms are in 2 buildings on a hill.  The sewing conference room is in the lower level of one of the buildings.  There is no direct access.  You need to walk out the front door of your lodging room, outside and around the building (downhill on a paved driveway) a couple of hundred feet.  If you have difficulty walking, you can easily drive from your lodging room around to the back of the building to the sewing conference room.  There is plenty of parking near the door for both locations.

The lodging rooms are on 2 levels.  If you have difficulty walking, please tell Susan (the organizer) that you would like a first floor room so that you will not need to be concerned with stairs.  There is no elevator.

The Founder’s Grille Restaurant at The Club House is a good distance away.¬† Most everyone drives to it.¬† If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you can walk.¬† If the weather is nice, there is usually a group who walks there together.¬† It’s estimated to be approximately 1/2 mile to 1 mile walk each way.


This is not a for-profit event sponsored by anyone. No one profits from this retreat (except the hotel or their agents.) This is not an official Quilting on the Line Quilt Guild event. This is just a group of quilters who put together their own little quilt retreat! No group or individual is in any way responsible or liable. The business arrangement is between you and Penn National Golf Club & Inn. You pay Penn National Golf Club & Inn directly.  The organizer of this event is simply collecting attendee names and passing them along to Penn National Golf Club & Inn for convenience.

2018 Quilt Retreat

January 15, 2018 – Ten of us just returned from our 2nd annual Penn National Quilt Retreat. I think I can speak for each of of us when I say a fantastic time was had by all!

2018 Quilt Retreat Photos:

2017 Quilt Retreat

January 17, 2017 РEleven of us just returned from our quilt retreat weekend at Penn National Golf Club & Inn in Fayetteville, PA and wow, did we have a blast!  So much so that we are booking a quilt retreat for next year and we are already excited about returning.

For three straight days, all we did was sew, laugh and eat.  And boy did we eat. The food, catered by The Altland House was amazing and we all felt so fancy getting to eat our served meals in the lovely Founders Grille Restaurant dining room.

A few quilters¬†managed to break away from sewing to enjoy some relaxing and enjoyable walks through the paths around the golf course (and to work off some of that food). The scenery and¬†view of the mountains added to the experience. One of the highlights of our trip was Susan St.’s highly entertaining and immensely funny recitation of¬† Alice In Wonderland’s Jabberwocky poem¬†and The Walrus and the Carpenter as our after dinner entertainment.¬† She had us in stitches!¬† (pun intended)¬†¬†This was a first retreat for many of us.¬† Who knew quilt retreats could be so much fun?

Check out our projects and some snapshots from throughout our weekend. Click through our image carousels below.

2017 Quilt Retreat Photos: