While attending the Baltimore Heritage Quilt Guild Quilt Expo 2017 see post, something unexpected I found at the show involved an international organization called Quilt Around the World. This an online quilting community and publisher, and they had a booth at the show staffed by a representative from Germany who explained (in extremely fast English!) one of their projects, the International Block Swap, which is just opening its 4th year. The goal is to provide a block swap that quilters from all over the world can participate in. Here’s how it works:

The theme for this swap is Nature. Quilters are challenged to make nine identical blocks capturing something about their personal connection with nature. The blocks must be 6” X 18” (finished) (6 ½” X 18 ½” raw).  (This somewhat odd size actually makes it easier to design with standard 6” x 6” blocks when you begin building your quilt.)  The color green must be present, and you can use any technique, block pattern, applique, or design; embellishments must be flat, in order to survive international shipping and handling. When you send your blocks, enclose 9 picture postcards of your town or region. These will accompany your blocks on their trip across the globe! Mail your nine blocks and postcards to the Quilt Around the World headquarters in Munich, Germany. You will receive a package of nine different blocks in return, made by quilters in far-flung lands.

Block Swap 2016 Quilt by Karin K., Germany

Block Swap 2016 Quilt by Alice J., United Kingdom

Block Swap 2016 Quilt by Natalie B., USA

For more information or to register, go to http://www.quilt-around-the-world.com/en/content/4th-international-block-swap-ibs4 The fee is 25 Euros (currently about $27 US$). The deadline is February 28, 2018 – next year.

I have flyers giving much more detail and I will bring them to the next guild meeting or you can download flyer here. I hope other QOL quilters will be as intrigued as I am to participate! We will have some unusual and unique projects to share at our 2018 Show and Tell.

I hope everyone has a chance to support other local guilds. It means a lot to be reminded and inspired that we are part of a truly global community of artists.